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My loss of autonomy

Back again, darling. S’been a while, I’m aware, but to get back into things, I’m going to make this relatively short and sweet. The crux of the matter this time is my loss of autonomy and general inability to do or think anything for myself when on holiday with the family, and in particular, when … Continue reading

$hmu number 2

I’ve sat by during the past couple of days, watching all others (even a little Kempner) take centre stage on this here blog. Christ, Alison Lawrence (one of our maternal aunts) has had more page time in her comments alone, than I. Not begrudging you those comments, Al (if I may be so bold as … Continue reading

Fish Alley

Hullo all. This is my first attempt at blogging for almost a year. (My two other pieces of blogging can be found at ‘’. For those of you who have never heard of it, this was my short lived, yet wholly-acclaimed-as-an-outright-success-by-mum-and-me, blog of last summer. It was set up as part of a decidedly poor … Continue reading