9 August, 2012 12:41

Sun sun sun. Yes it really does exist and it’s here in Califor- nye- A. They should write a song about it.

And I’m a bit burnt. But don’t care after our ‘Great’ British summer so far.

I’m also a bit jet lagged. Still. 4 am waking is not ideal! But not the end of the world either.

Yesterday we tried to hit 2 museums, one SFMOMA, and the other. Contemporary Jewish. Both were closed on Wednesdays. The only day of the week not to go, and we chose it. G said the Time Out Guidebook that is normally so reliable, doesn’t have a section on museums. I don’t believe her. (Its probably listed under ‘Culture’ or some such). So we rode the cable car (brilliant), ate lots of amazing US food, including an unfeasibly large piece (no, slab) of the best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten at The Cheesecake Factory) and shopped in the land of plenty (where everything is 30% less than the UK) instead.

The gym is open 24/7 (obviously) so I may as well do a. 5 am session. Work off the cheesecake. Good job I have a 3 hour headstart on everyone else. Crazy, no?

Today we plan to ‘bike the (Golden Gate) Bridge’.


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