Things I didn’t know I needed…..but now do

No one has commented on US TV. Specifically US TV ads that can last 20 mins, or more. I shall rectify this deficiency here and now.

P90 X and ‘Insanity’ are 2 competing DVD-based exercise videos that each promise truly astonishing results in 60, (or is it 90 days?) of 40 minutes ‘extreme’ daily exercising. Each exercise uses at least 4 muscle groups, so you are immediately quadrupling the benefit of ‘ordinary’ exercise, and then throws in ‘muscle confusion’, a process by which you never really repeat the same thing, so your muscles never get accustomed to any given routine and that somehow makes a big difference.

But a product called ‘CONTOUR’ has truly captured my, and Gillian’s, imagination. It’s a kind of electronic belt that you wear. It send electronic pulses through your stomach, and thus, with no effort, gives your ‘abs’ a massive workout, that is far more efficacious than ‘simply’ doing crunches. You can wear it and literally do nothing and still. reap the benefits.

Who needs P90X or Insanity when you can have this instead? I want one. No, I need one. I must have it. Now.

That and a steam cleaning device that was its own 20 minute advert.

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