A Soviet Sub in San Diego

USS Midway

The most exciting bit amongst many exciting bits of being in San Diego was climbing into a real Soviet submarine in the Maritime Museum. I took hundreds of photos and luckily for everyone am not going to post them all.

It seemed my excitement and awe was a generational thing though. I was accompanied by Isabel who tried hard to appreciate the amazingness of being able to peer into torpedo tubes in a ‘enemy’ boat only decommissioned in 1994, and who gamely posed at intervals in the claustrophobic shell of an interior, but who then refused point blank to descend into a more recent USS model.

San Diego’s Maritime Museum is brilliant. As is the USS Midway aircraft carrier trip just along the harbour, and I don’t say this lightly. Trekking miles off the beaten track does not leave a lot of energy for the official tourist itinerary but the harbour front attractions of San Diego are the exception to my rule.

I was sad to leave. A great contemporary art museum, and a delightful morning regular coffee haunt (Christine’s Coffee Co., corner of Sixth and B in the no-imagination-spared city street grid) and great food and cupcakes and ice cream and and and…

Good thing we are moving on maybe. Give the digestive systems a break.

Isabel clambering through the sub

Isabel playing at Master and Commander on the very ship of the film

Safe view of Soviet torpedo tube

Fellow passengers on a harbour tour. There were an inordinate number of spry 6′ plus octogenarians looking very nostalgic in every maritime related museum experience in SD.

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