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Over and Out

Home at last. It feels very odd. Leeds was hotter than SF on our return. The dog has acquired an entire new set of vocalisations in our absence and is keen to use them as much as possible. I’ve gone back to having no idea where anyone is any of the time. I don’t know … Continue reading

Back in San Fran

Staying in a hotel on the 42nd floor in downtown San Francisco, however wonderful the place, is a slightly alarming experience. Great views compensate for the scary elevator and the fact that I cannot walk up and down the stairs every time I enter and exit the hotel. I dragged everyone yesterday to Alamo Square … Continue reading

Carmel Pine Cones and other Surprises

I’m very pleased to have already had a number of pleasant surprises on this trip, and I’m particularly delighted to be able to report the following back to my friend Rowena (but I’m not assuming it will last…) In no particular order: -The hotel room coffee-making facilities have been the best I’ve ever experienced anywhere. … Continue reading

The Little Kempner Speaks

I have never written a blog, or anything of the sort similar, so here goes nothing. San Francisco. What a place. Yesterday, the family (I being part of the family) went across the Golden Gate Bridge on bike. I enjoyed the ride, though the up hills were a challenge to walk, but my thumbs seem … Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Time Out

Always one for seeking a radically different view on any situation, place or encounter, I began this trip with a determinedly psychogeographical approach. Put bluntly, i was still in work mode, because hey, Art is Life and Life is Art. Except when it’s not, and more particularly when pootling around new cities in a family … Continue reading