The Little Kempner Speaks

I have never written a blog, or anything of the sort similar, so here goes nothing. San Francisco. What a place. Yesterday, the family (I being part of the family) went across the Golden Gate Bridge on bike. I enjoyed the ride, though the up hills were a challenge to walk, but my thumbs seem to think otherwise as they are in quite some pain. I really don’t understand what it is about bikes that kills your thumbs (not literally of course). Maybe it’s the handle bar’s material but then you can get bikes with the softer handles, though really, to me these make no difference. I think it’s time for an invention of some sort to solve this problem.

I experienced the classic American dish of a Corn Dog. My expectations were high after watching Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews enjoy such a dish in the true classic, Princess Diaries. I wasn’t to be disappointed. After trying not to think about how calorific the deep fried dish must be (though really I don’t care if my stomach’s not completely flat. Hell, I love to eat) I rather liked it. It seems to be some sort corn that doesn’t taste or look like corn, fried around the normal hot dog.

We saw a limo whilst walking yesterday and I realised after hearing izzy shout, ‘Oh my god. I know Rhianna was in there’ (just to point out, this was an optimistic guess and Rhianna was most probably not in the limo) that I want nothing more than to see a celebrity during my time here.

Here’s a thought to leave you with: to me, the American dollar does, in fact, look like monopoly money.

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