Marital bliss

So, we set off from San Fran, down the coast to Clint Eastwood’s ‘Carmel’ supposedly down that road that is the most scenic. Only the Sat Nav had other ideas. It takes us on the most unscenic inland route, Route 101. The direct and fastest way. All would not have been lost had my ‘dear’ wife been bothered to cast a rapid eye over the detailed map I handed to her(on a plate) at the start of the journey south, but no, that was too much to ask. When she did finally deign to open the page, we all realized the Sat Nav’s great error.. But it was too late to turn right apparently and hit the coast road. I was phlegmatic and un-recrimminatory. After all this is our holiday, not a slagging-off match. But not her. Oh no. This was all my fault. I was entirely to blame. Of course, I should have realised that buying the map, booking the car, each night’s stay, securing Sat Nav, and driving the car, was not enough. I should also have navigated with the map, whilst driving. Of course I should.

Anyway, the funny thing is that despite this heinous crime, the really nice bit of the Coast, the so called Big Sur, starts South of where we are, and we haven’t actually missed anything much. But it did give my beloved the chance to show her true colours, and me the chance not to speak to her since ‘my’ crime was committed, not that she’s noticed or cares.

I am actually loving my holiday, whatever you the reader may think.

4 thoughts on “Marital bliss

    • Heehee how would I know? I’d taken my bat home, hadn’t I? I think it was as we shot past Santa Cruz the impossibility of easily moving across to the No. 1 really struck me. The chasm to be bridged.

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