Let Loose in San Francisco

As a veteran blogger, I know the only way to do it is don’t think, don’t procrastinate, don’t over edit: just write and press publish.

Easy. And so I feel it necessary to impart this wisdom to all the newbies all around me, because getting them up and blogging is like stirring treacle.

I could have just sat back and let them wallow, but having being told yesterday I wasn’t allowed to post again because it was ‘looking unbalanced’, I’ve had to get a bit firm. Bossy, even.

My mantra though of “Just get on with it, just write what you want” is, I fear, going to jump back and hit me in the face. My personal boundaries of acceptable online language and vocabulary clearly don’t apply to young adults. Luckily we have all managed to sort out our online identities and so we each be individually accountable to our online destinies. And that’s the postmodern day and age for you.

Anyway, back to San Francisco. We are all in love with this place. The architecture, the trams, the coffee, the views. Ah yes, the views. Here’s a view of the Golden Gate bridge at 8am this morning:

Iconic, isn’t it? Bit of mist obscuring the view but I’m not complaining. What’s a bit of mist to a refugee from the British Summer of 2012?

7 thoughts on “Let Loose in San Francisco

    • Just outside the hotel on a run I think. Our usual view. But We did cycle it yesterday in gale force wind which gave izzy hysterics halfway across. I was too terrified myself to think of a photo at that point, scared I’d get blown over.

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