On US size: geography and food

LA was big. The scale of it is almost beyond comprehension. We touched the surface in our 4 days there before moving onto one of the South. LA beaches, Huntington, which is where we are now, and will be for the next 2 days.. It was easier once we realized that there was simply no point walking in LA at all, and that driving was the only real option. No-one actually walks. We tried but gave up after a day. And so we all got much lazier. And it became an issue if there was no ‘valet’ parking, because heaven forbid anyone should have to waste time looking for a car park space and then needing to walk from the car. Still, 3 of us, including me, have done exercise every morning, since leaving. Leeds, starting at (no later than) 7.30a.m, in a hopeless attempt to stave off the effects of US food portion size, which almost always is obscenely large. But exercising, even for a full on hour, cannot really impact on the rest of the day’s food bonanza. After all that is 23 hours of eating opportunity, which one hour’s exercise cannot alter! We are currently frying, literally, on the beach. Not food. Just ourselves: in the. 90 degree heat. Maybe the lack of air conditioning will stave off the need for(yet) more food, and the risk of a vicious circle developing, where all we do is eat and exercise to try and ‘work off’ the excessive food.

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