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Napa: the wine capital of the USA

Today, we ‘did’ two wineries, deep into the Napa Valley, between Rutherford and St. Helena, north of Napa itself. The first Estate, Inglewood, is owned by Francis Ford Coppola. One of the earliest wineries in the valley, FFC has – since he acquired the dilapidated estate in the early 90’s, restored it to its former … Continue reading

Some random thoughts on Vegas

It’s 120 degrees outside in Vegas. It cools down to a heady 100 degrees at night (guessing that’s probably 45 and 39 degrees centigrade respectively). It’s thus impossible to move around outside. So, the Bellagio, where we are staying, no doubt like every other large and well known Vegas hotel, has kindly provided us here … Continue reading

Spreading Ashes

So yesterday we were travelling South, from Huntington Beach to San Diego. Just north of San Diego is the less known enclave called La Jolla. It’s pronounced La Hoya. I’d heard of it because one of my oldest and best friends had spent a 2 year, yes 2 year, ‘sabbatical’ there, 5 years ago. It … Continue reading

On US size: geography and food

LA was big. The scale of it is almost beyond comprehension. We touched the surface in our 4 days there before moving onto one of the South. LA beaches, Huntington, which is where we are now, and will be for the next 2 days.. It was easier once we realized that there was simply no … Continue reading

Beverly Hills Fantasy-Reality

We’re now in LA. A very big (BIG) place. So BIG that no-one is to be seen walking at all. It’s not the heat so much, though it IS quite hot, more the immense scale. Rodeo Drive is a short drive….but for us a 20 minute walk…… from the Beverley Hilton (where Whitney Houston died) … Continue reading