The El Tovar Restaurant, South Rim, Grand Canyon

I was moved to review this restaurant on. Trip Advisor. This is what I said.

‘What a huge disappointment this was. Ignoring the dark and loud main room, and the fact that my request for a round table for the 6 of us had been ignored (we got the largest joined together tables ever,thus making it impossible to speak or be heard), it was the inedible food that really got us. And it’s not a word I use lightly. Apart from undercooked and cold rice, and warm, not hot, food, and a spinach salad with spinach that tasted like it was past its sell-by date, the ‘icing on th cake’ was my daughter’s shrimp/prawn cocktail. She ate 3 of them, and then asked us if we thought they were OK. We smellt them. And, astonishingly, they smellt awful. Totally off. We all smellt it, to see if we were right. We were. We all lost our appetites, and feared for my daughter, and possible food poisoning. We asked to speak to the manager. When he came, he readily conceded that the food was off. We asked why and how the chef had not noticed. He agreed with us. We voiced our concern for our daughter. He said that if she was ill that night, we should call the Reception to get an ambulance for her! Nice. We told him that we’d all lost our appetites. He could understand why, and (apologising) suggested that we may leave without paying. We did, for the first time ever in my 50 years.’

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