Napa: the wine capital of the USA

20120904-081604.jpgToday, we ‘did’ two wineries, deep into the Napa Valley, between Rutherford and St. Helena, north of Napa itself. The first Estate, Inglewood, is owned by Francis Ford Coppola. One of the earliest wineries in the valley, FFC has – since he acquired the dilapidated estate in the early 90’s, restored it to its former glory. It now produces top notch wines and we enjoyed a great 4 wine tasting there, including its famous Rubicon which sells on the Estate for $175 and Lord knows how much more elsewhere.

We had now developed a taste for tasting.

Peju was our next stop. An unpromising start involved waiting 20 minutes to taste what appeared to be 4 fairly uninteresting wines for $20 per person. How wrong we were. We were offered, it turned out, 11 (or was it 12) different, high quality wines, on sale per bottle at between $40 and $150. And truly excellent they were too. So much so that we succumbed to an $85 bottle of Peju 50/50, 2009, Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot mix, and for this, the sommelier kindly decided to waive the tasting fees (for 2 of us). We plan to drink it tonight, before dinner. L’chayim!

2 thoughts on “Napa: the wine capital of the USA

  1. Hi – pleased to hear that you are now enjoying the more civilised part of your trip and are enjoying the wine tasting as well as drinking.

    I am fine, came home at lunch time, and all is well – the new pacemaker has been checked out and loads of blood tests etc. have been taken, all quite normal. The procedure took about an hour and Dr. Nathan was very pleased to be able to change the actual pacemakerk over within the time of 1 heartbeat !! – otherwise it would have meant a completely new wiring up.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday and try to get a bit of a rest in before you return.

    lotsaluv to all passengers and driver on Chevy for 6. Ma and Max xxxx

  2. Would you like to buy some wine – and have it sent – for your Anniversary pres. from me? if so, do so. luv Ma xxxxx

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