Napa Valley Foodies


The Napa Valley in California is lovely. Lovely climate (but we are in September now, so probably anywhere would be lovely) and picturesque vineyards with a backdrop of scenic mountains. And lots of seriously good wine and food.

Tastings are mentioned by others. I’ll just mention the delights of a Dean & Deluca picnic. Six people charging round a foodie heaven, some excited by the choice, others overwhelmed by it, and at least one bad-tempered because he couldn’t have everything he wanted.

And then a picnic spot up against a grey stuccoed wall because it was too hot to sit out on the grass.

Otherwise Napa was notable for my having TWO pairs of sandals break on me. The second pair destroyed themselves en route to a nice restaurant in the evening after the heavy wine tasting session.

Me hopping and shambling along the main street, one foot shod, one foot bare, was not related to the Peju wine fest.

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